Body Detoxification

According to the Miller-Keane Medical Dictionary, the definition of a toxin is: a poison, especially a protein or conjugated protein produced by certain animals, some higher plants, and pathogenic bacteria. It could be considered that any substance that creates a harmful effect on the body, may be a poison.

Through detoxification, we clear and filter toxins and wastes and allow our body to work on enhancing its basic functions. It can improve energy, rejuvenate and prevent degeneration while greatly improving all over health and immunity. A good detox program consists of cleansing, rebuilding, and maintaining.

bionic hydro therapy

Body Detoxification
Salt Baths

Bionic Hydro Therapy (total body detoxification) is an accelerated mineral/salt bath in combination with DETOX For LIFE therapy device to achieve the maximum cellular cleansing. For centuries skin care professionals around the world have used mineral/salt baths to help gently cleanse and detoxify the body. The Detox for Life system is a powerful new way to experience cellular detoxification.

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Nutrition Advice

Healthy looking skin begins with a diet and water intake. The saying “You are what you eat” still holds the truth. Proper dietary choices help to regulate hydration (maintaining a healthy level of water in the body), oil production, and overall function of the cells. Eating foods found in all three basic food groups - fats, carbohydrates, and proteins – is the best way to support the health of the skin. Skin disorders, fatigue, stress, depression, and other diseases are often the result of a poorly-balanced diet.

Home Care Advice

Your skin care professional (esthetician) will select appropriate home skin care products for you. You should always remember that incorrect selection of home care skin products, not selected by professionals, may have an adverse effect on the health and look of your skin. Always keep in mind that your skin is the mirror of you body.

Skin Analysis

Client’s skin analysis is an important part of a skin care professional’s (esthetician’s) skills, since recommending the appropriate skin care products and regime must be individualized to suit each person. Before performing services or selecting products, your skin care professional (esthetician) will analyze correctly your skin type and conditions.

The consultation and skin analysis will help your skin care professional (esthetician) to recommend at- home care program for your individual skin care needs, nutrition advice, and customized treatments for you skin. Additionally, esthetician needs to know which services and products may have a side effect. These side effects could cause harmful or negative consequences to those who have specific medical or skin conditions. Always keep in mind that your skin is the mirror of your body.